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I am an Air Force veteran.  I spent some time in Afghanistan and Iraq, though I was a prototypical REMF.  I was a contracting officer; I never saw combat or anything close.

I live on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  I enjoy Washington as a place to live, if not always as a seat of Government.  A lot of misconceptions persist because of the clowns who run the country and the clowns that run the city.  Yet, thousands of real Americans live in Washington, and I’ve found it a great place to live.

I am anti-war, libertarian leaning, and an amateur philosophy buff.  I’m mainly interested in national security and international affairs, but I’ll blog about things that capture my interest.  I dislike blog-fights, so I will try to avoid commenting on what another blog wrote.

I read lots of blogs, and oftentimes I read about half a post and wonder what, exactly, is the point of the post I am reading.  To try to avoid this, I am going to place the thesis of each point at the top of the post.  If you read the very first sentence of my posts, you should understand why I’m writing.


Contact me at keith[dot]boyea[at]gmail[dot]com or on twitter @keithb18.


Written by keithboyea

July 7, 2011 at 5:41 pm

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  1. I like the BLUF-thesis idea.


    July 12, 2011 at 2:59 am

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