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What is the GOP Doing?

The GOP is threatening to hold over an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court. I don’t think they understand the situation they are in.

The GOP is close to nominating Donald Trump for president. He’s going to win South Carolina. He’ll likely win Nevada. At that point, he’s the front runner and who’s going to stop him?

So, if Senate GOPers are holding a Supreme Court nomination until the election, what exactly are they holding for? Donald Trump? In the very slim possibility that Donald Trump becomes president, does the GOP believe he will nominate someone worth waiting for?

I’m no Republican, but I’d take the moderate that Obama is sure to nominate. The GOP is going to lose the presidential election, again, and the possibly the Senate. So whoever Obama nominates for his “legacy” is going to be better than whoever Clinton or Sanders nominates in 12 months. Of course, that’s assuming the GOP doesn’t hold the seat open for another 8 years waiting for a GOP winner that hates gay people and abortion. And waiting for that is dumber than I think even the GOP is. (Cause it will never happen)

But seriously, what is their strategy at this point?



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February 20, 2016 at 2:33 am

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