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What I’m Reading, January 6, 2012

The Mosquito Coast, A Novel
I finished this book early in the new year.  It ranks as one of the strangest novels I’ve ever read.  This one sat on my wish list for years–so long that I can’t even remember who recommended it to me.  My wife bought it for me for Christmas.  It has the least likable protagonist of all time, and it is a story about obsession masquerading as an adventure story.  Basically, crazy inventor dude moves his family to Honduras, tragedy ensues.  It could be that I missed something, but you can skip this one.  Maybe the movie is better.

The Jersey Game, The New Yorker ($$)
This typically long article from The New Yorker examines the football program at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ. It has become the best program in the country, but not without taking some extreme measures.  The article concerned me because high school football is becoming more and more professionalized (You’ve seen it on ESPN right?).  In my experience, high school football was the most satisfying level of football.  I actually learned life lessons like hard work, dedication, and team work from playing high school football.  The college game was all about winning, and though the coaches gave lip service to those lessons, they’d cut your ass in a minute if you weren’t useful.  It wasn’t their fault, it’s their job and there are very high ($$) stakes.  I wish we could keep that approach out of the high school game.

The Fat Trap, New York Times Magazine
Once you get fat, it’s really hard to go back.  Plus, some of us have a lot harder time keeping the weight off than others.  What I learned from this article is that I’m fucked.  (But I highly recommend it.)

And just because I thought this video was hilarious:

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