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Answering the Newshoggers/Polizeros Call

Thesis: This post lays out some broad bullet points for this week’s “solutions” episode of polizeros radio.

Over the past several weeks, I have been participating in Polizeros radio with Steve Hynd of Newshoggers and Bob Morris of Politics in the Zeros.  We’ve noticed that our discussions have sometimes degenerated into “bitch sessions,” so instead of complaining about things, we wanted to do an episode where we talked about potential solutions.  So to answer the call, I’ve laid out a few very broad points below that I hope to discuss in further depth this Thursday.

Steve broke the “solutions” into three categories: Political, Domestic, & Foreign Policy.  I will use the same format for my bullets.  This isn’t a list of everything I think needs to be done, just a few that are either creative, overlooked, or achievable. 

Political Reforms:

  • Increasing the number of Representatives in the House of Representatives to bring the Reps closer to constituents, encourage the growth of “third parties,” and encourage cooperation between Members.

Domestic Reforms:

  • View Energy, Transportation, and Housing as an integrated issue by simultaneously: (1)  investing in nationwide freight rail and high-speed rail in regions where it is best suited.  (2) Investing in nuclear energy now, even though it has a long development time because breakthroughs in alternative and clean energy are probably decades away.  (3) Encouraging the development of higher density housing and zoning policies which make communities walkable and ride-able.  This allows the development of work/eat/sleep communities that require shorter commutes, less energy consumption, and better utilization of mass transit.

Foreign Policy Reforms:

  • Divest ourselves of “ownership” of the Middle East in part by developing the energy policies listed above.  It is no secret that much of our interest in the region derives from its abundance of oil.  Especially divest ourselves of our relationship with the Saudi monarchy–the same one that makes all our claims of caring about human rights hypocritical.
  • Make a sustained and serious effort at encouraging reconciliation between Israel and Palestine.  If, after 2 or 3 years of sustained effort, progress cannot be made, divest ourself of support of BOTH sides.  
  • Don’t view China’s rise as zero-sum.  It is not something we can “manage.”  

Hopefully we will get a chance to talk about some of these this Thursday.


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September 12, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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